Yolanda Lopez


Music Studio

The project was part of a second year topic in my Bachelor of Interior Architecture at the University of South Australia and had to integrate multi-media communication strategies, design principles and methodologies as well as effectively demonstrate the design and function of the space through 2D and 3D modelling.

The combination of compulsory restrictions and those which I added, resulted in a brief whereby I was to design a small, isolated music studio / performance space for a harpist who suffered from debilitating stage fright yet who desperately wished to share her music with those closest to her. The structure was to cover a small footprint and take design inspiration from architect, Peter Zumthor. The key factors that led to the project solution include:

  • –  An understanding of sound generation, reverberation and absorption
  • –  Generation of an appropriate location and its environment
  • –  Consideration given to materiality and form
  • –  The delivery of the final outcome via virtual reality (using the Oculus Rift platform) ensuring user immersion and free roaming