Hive Pods

Aaron Tuck

The office environment is evolving. Open plan offices have been the standard now for many years; however there have been many studies and reports which have revealed that lack of privacy, and noise issues have a detrimental impact on individual work performance. At the same time, we here at Workspace have realised that to be competitive as furniture manufacturers, we must compete on price, ease of assembly, and adaptability in workplace solutions. Sometimes a simple private space for each worker which utilises the floor space efficiently and provides a productive environment is all that is needed.

As hot desks and temporary work areas have gained prominence, the needs of the worker have changed. Privacy is paramount as are services such as charging stations and internet, but large filing cabinets and bookshelves are no longer a necessity in many cases. Another key factor was to create a workstation which did not need powder coated aluminium at the main structural component. The embodied energy, labour, and logistics of extruding and powder coating aluminium all add to the cost both environmentally and financially to interior projects.