Williams Burton Leopardi

Advanced Dental Clinic

Sophia Leopardi, David Burton, Lucy Hill Smith, Ned Ritan


A visit to the dentist can be nerve wracking for the patient at the best of times… not to mention the idea of your workplace being somewhere people dread to visit! So Advanced Dental has set out to change this perception with a challenging brief that made a priority of an immersive, relaxing experience, for both patient and dentist.

Daylight and a sense of connection to courtyard were essential, as was the idea of a ‘wellness centre’ rather than “treatment”. The whole experience for all users was to be one which a richness of experience outweighed the tension often present in such instances.


Interiors are infused with a residential sensibility in detail and materiality that bring a familiarity and association with friendly and warm experiences. This was essential to dispel the sterile and ‘cold’ experience of most medical centres. External forms are driven by the need for the interior spaces to respond to outlook, a contradicting brief element considering the busy corner the centre is located on.

The entire experience from entry, reception waiting and treatment was to afford a consistent, highly refined and calming experience and materials, textures and design elements had to meet both this standard, and also strict health and medical standards.