Tenille De Brueys

The Birdcage Hotel

BUILT Student Work / Interior Architecture/Design


The hotel lobby is an exercise to create an atmosphere for people to use and experience. beginning with things come apart, an exercise in the deconstruction of an object, geometric forms are translated into spatial plans through conceptual drawings.


The focus of the design is to create an atmospheric condition focused on a connection both literally and conceptually. the plays within the interior explores the ideas of seen without being seen and linking the past with the present.

the treatment of existing//the present and unseen is the existing classical bones of the hotel lobby. a subtle detail that occupies the background of the lobby intervention. the past and seen component of the space is the translucent concrete intervention. large native australian birds dominate the translucent concrete while brass wraps from floor to ceiling to create a gilded cage.

Light and heavy// birds are physically delicate and light creatures, which I wanted to conceptually contrast. throughout the space a play on the light and heavy is created by the illusion the translucent concrete is floating within the space.