St Hugo

Dave Bickmore, Graham Charbonneau, Sam Broadbridge


The brief was to create the ultimate high-end wine experience in the Barossa valley. A holistic approach from the architecture, and the interiors through to the wine experiences including private and structured tastings, food-wine matching, wine education and gastronomy.

The venue was required to enrich and enhance these experiences whilst also providing spaces for them to occur. The experience needed to allow visitors the ability to interact with the product in a space driven by the uniqueness of the experience.

There is an overall inviting warmth to the tones and materiality of the building as designed by JBG Architects, it was very important from the outset that the interior elements were complimentary to the architecture, that these elements were used
to enhance and separate the experiences, whilst creating memories that are entrenched in the St Hugo brand.

It was vital to understand the different experiences that St Hugo wanted to create at their brand home. These experiences were then organised spatially, and matched to the moods that we identified for each of these spaces.