Sam Allen

Redesign Level five of the Kaurna Building at UniSA.

BUILT Student Work / Interior Architecture/Design


Collaboration was the main requirement of the brief and spaces needed to accommodate for this. This meant rethinking the way in which learning environments operate. A multidisciplinary approach was introduced as, through research, it proved to facilitate collaboration.

The original design allowed large amounts of light to enter the building which made spaces warm and difficult to work in. This was resolved by ensuring any glazing was semi-transparent which still allowed light to enter. Walls were completely eradicated to ensure seamless interaction between stakeholders. Re-opening the terrace provided another space for stakeholders to gather.

The River Torrens influenced a majority of the design. It weaves its way through Adelaide, and the spatial arrangement has been molded to reflect this motion. Each space is anchored by a series of ‘pebbles’ in the form of collaboration pods and furniture that control the way in which people move throughout the building. The weaving is then translated in to a physical form through weaved dividers that act as a delineation between spaces without completely concealing them.

Australian materials such as White Birch have been chosen as they create a connection to the surrounding environment. Colours derived from the Australian outback supply much needed visual warmth. Sustainability was also a strong factor in the design with all furniture being recyclable in some way.