Rani Elmer

Kaurna Level Five

BUILT Student Work / Interior Architecture/Design


Level 5 of Uni SA’s Kaurna Building houses later year Architecture and Interior Architecture students, and has done so relatively unchanged for ten years. In this time student numbers have swelled, and the focus on digital design methods amplified. 

The brief: transform level five Kaurna into a space that is flexible and adaptable, that facilitates incidental and varied learning opportunities and which encourages collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship; a space that epitomises design excellence to foster design excellence. 

I undertook research into learning environments, with a particular focus on flexible learning spaces. My research revealed that flexibility cannot come at the cost of actual functionality. Flexibility should be achieved by the space as a whole that delivers a variety of learning/teaching environments, and enables and encourages movement between them.

Incidental and self-directed learning is key and environments where students feel a sense of ownership, and connectedness foster those opportunities. Visual connection is paramount here, as are generous spaces for collaboration.