Pecan Engineering

The Nectre N60 / N65


The N60 / N65 have proven to be excellent commercial additions to the Nectre suite of heaters. The vertical firebox design accentuates the flames path and enhances their overall visual interest. This unique look, coupled with high quality finishes have created a premium product with good margins (for both the manufacturer and distributors), that ultimately helps keep manufacturing jobs in South Australia.



Manufacturing processes:

  • Designed curved steel door to mimic aesthetics of curved glass doors – Saved ~75% on door cost
  • Developed Patented Pending Baffle technology that burns excess carbons through introduction of secondary & tertiary pre-warmed air
  • Optimised convection chambers to improve heat output and reduce installation clearances to 75mm and 100mm



  • Relocated centre of gravity to reduce pallet size and increase stability – Saved ~20% on freight cost
  • Transit damage rate is currently sitting at 1%  (66% lower than target)