My Kingdom for a Horse

Matthew Remphrey, Kellie Campbell-Illingworth


My Kingdom for a Horse is a new coffee roaster and eatery set up by Emily Raven. At our first meeting, Emily Raven described her vision for My Kingdom for a Horse as a cafe that took its on-site roasted coffee and food seriously, but not itself. Whilst some specialty coffee bars can border on intimidating, My Kingdom for a Horse was to welcome all.

The cafe was to be situated in a 1970s cream brick showroom. Rather than work against the site, it formed the basis for the cafe’s aesthetic. The interior, designed by Samantha Agostino, and our identity demonstrates these influences, but does not ape the era. It was important My Kingdom for a Horse looked contemporary and not a pastiche of another time. Also, as a nod to the name, medieval heraldry (the precursor to modern corporate identity) influenced our solution. A series of geometric shield icons were developed for the main logo.