Lauren Spagnoletti

Kaurna Building Level 5 Redevelopment

BUILT Student Work / Interior Architecture/Design


The Kaurna Building is home to the school of Art, Architecture and Design. Designed by John Wardle and Hassel in association, it is a multidisciplinary building that should encourage the collaboration between disciplines. The brief was to create a space in which students are inspired to learn through an open plan, collaborative environment.

Through stakeholder interviews it became apparent that students preferred to create a space in which they could set up and make their own for the day. As a response to John Wardle’s Architecture, the spatial theory supported by Theo Van Doesburg, is applied to the final year studio spaces. Using the manifesto, “space is defined by a series of intersecting planes”, it has allowed the stakeholders to create the spatial experience best suited to the individual giving them a level of privacy, while still maintaining the ability to adapt into collaboration zones.

As well as this, acoustic were taken into consideration as having an open plan space the noise levels can become distracting to classes in session. To tackle this issue acoustic ‘Eco Panel’ boards have been placed throughout the space. This includes pin-up boards, acoustic baffles incorporated into lighting fixtures and moveable walls that define the space yet still allow for visual connections between studios.