Laura Patterson

Redevelopment of level 5, Kaurna Building

BUILT Student Work / Interior Architecture/Design


The project brief given was to redevelop level 5 in order to create an environment where students feel encouraged to learn and study in a range of different pedagogies, as well as considering John Wardle’s architecture of the Kaurna Building. Researching into the current issues found in the design of level 5, comfort, flexibility, wayfinding, and the capability to meet current technological advances, were all key problems that needed to be addressed and improved.

The space is designed to allow students to feel secure in knowing they have a “home base” while still allowing for flexibility to choose their desired pedagogy. This includes areas of collaborative study in studios, informal design discussion in the kitchen/relaxation area, and more focused and independent learning in the form of a seminar room and a BYOD area. All designated spaces also have the flexibility to be used as an exhibition space when needed as internal walls are lined with pin-able acoustic panels.