Karen Vance

Concept for Redesign of Green Edge Commercial Interiors Showroom (Student Project)

BUILT Student Work / Interior Architecture/Design


Green Edge Commercial Interiors has been renting their current space for approximately 2.5 years and feels that it needs updating. They would like it to reflect the current change in direction in contemporary work spaces towards activity based working.

There were many issues to take into consideration with this design. Given that the client is renting the premises, most of the changes had to be reasonably cosmetic. The space is large with high ceilings, a lot of light, and lacked warmth. I wanted to bring warmth and interest to the space, while ensuring that the colour scheme was still relatively neutral to enable the furniture to be showcased. The timber screening on the Northern wall seemed a simple solution to disguise the air-conditioning units, and can be fitted over the existing walls, and I like the warmth that the timber adds to the space. This warmth was carried through in the use of the plinths. Large backlit screens with graphic images of chairs are inserted into the screened wall to fit with the client’s request for graphics within the showroom, as well as a large sketchy black and white image on the divider at the rear of the staff area. The layout of the showroom has been simplified to allow clients to move around the showroom easily, and the simplicity has made the space visually more appealing.

I feel that the simplicity of the design, the warmth, and the use of the graphics are what differentiate this design from its contemporaries. The timber screening with the cutouts for furniture displays, and the backlit graphic screens make an interesting visual statement. The timber screening is contemporary and brings warmth and visual appeal to the space. The cutouts to display furniture highlight the pieces on display while allowing for easy access to the furniture (one of the requests of the client). The backlit graphics bring a cool, contemporary vibe to the space, and add visual interest.