Jurecky Design

Lindes Lane/Barlow Room –  laneway, eatery & bar 

Jason Jurecky


An alleyway that had become an eyesore and forgotten. A derelict retail space and disused basement. An opportunity to revive a forgotten space and create a new dining and bar destination in Adelaide’s retail heart.

The project brief was to take a small budget and create a welcoming bar and dining space using the decrepit canvas of a poorly maintained laneway and former retail site.

“To me a bar is just not just a bar – it is a story, a personal journey. I give a story to all of my projects. From concept to execution.”

The site had a rich former life. The Lindes Lane alleyway had become an eyesore, isolated and neglected by time, ironically sitting next to one of Adelaide’s most recognizable icons, the Mall’s Balls. The derelict retail space that became the restaurant space was the original site of Barlow’s Shoes. The disused basement was a storage site for props of the John Martin’s Christmas Pageant.

The Laneway, the derelict retail space and disused basement that is the labyrinth of a site that became Lindes Lane was an eyesore that was in desperate need of attention. The rich heritage of the site deserved an ambitious approach.

Lindes Lane is a multifunctional labyrinth of spaces. A place that is inviting for all seasons. 3 distinct spaces that flow from one to another taking patrons on a journey of discovery; a spatial Trilogy. The site features; an outdoor laneway, an elevated wine bar and eatery and a hidden basement cocktail bar.

Patrons go on a journey upon entering the Laneway. Lindes Lane is a story of discovery. The use of recycled and weathered materials throughout invites patrons into the space. Upon spending time in the various spaces the details become evident.