Idalia Vorrasi

Hotel Lobby

BUILT Student Work / Interior Architecture/Design


This studio is about the dynamics and relations between visible and invisible conditions and materials and atmospheres and activities that exist within and emerge an interior. These conditions/materials/atmospheres/activities are, in their combinations, the places where human beings create their lives and play out who they are and who they might become. It is the work of the interior architect/designer to imagine the potential, and the imagination, of space through research and communication.

The Hotel Lobby is a place where people from various backgrounds, with various languages, and for various reasons, mingle constantly. The Hotel Lobby is portrayed in many films. It is like a movie or theatre set. In this sense is is sculptural, it is artful. In such places there are ephemeral or fleeting events which create atmospheres, which alter perception and mood: lighting conditions, humidity, climate, moods, conversations, situations, characters, passings, encounters, and so forth – we could call all of these in their various combinations: WEATHER. Instead of assuming the ephemeral or the fleeting are of little value in comparison to the solid or permanent, interiors can be designed with these qualities in mind. How does the solid and permanent provide for and encourage the emergence and proliferation of the fleeting? This is what you are being asked to explore and attend to in your assignments.

All spaces, designed and undesigned, contain and accumulate narratives, stories, fictions. Space is a tangle of actions that happen inside it, and outside it (and from the outside they find their way inside); we call this interior architecture, architecture, landscape. Space can be background, foreground, stage, framework, underground, sky, water, air, street, foyer, doorway, room, staircase, window, house, office, hospital, parliament, shop, library, classroom, and so on.