Hosking Interior Design

JNT Residence

Laura Riach and Sonja Hosking


Located at the top of the hill overlooking 16 acres of idyllic Adelaide Hills this extensive yet dated residence commanded a full renovation to align with the beauty of its setting.

Modernisation, detail and a sophisticated palette were key in transforming this into a place to call home. A “classic contemporary” style steered the design direction, reflecting the existing bones of the home and the personality of the owners. Jarrah skirtings and architraves were retained along with the slate floor for an earthiness and practicality.

Individual attention was applied to the large scale rooms with meticulous layering to express grandeur and completion.

The delightful 18th century double bed sat at ease within the grand master suite complimented by timber details and intricate wallpaper. Fine workmanship is implemented throughout and evident in the Ensuite’s luxurious custom joinery and hexagonal marble tiling.

Each daughter’s bedroom incorporates complex bespoke joinery to capture their personality and enviable shoe collection!

Texture and timber with custom lighting were combined for a rich masculine mood surrounding the tournament sized Billiard Table.

Connection was important to this busy family and can be difficult in such a large home. The eat-in- Kitchen and Family Room create the fulcrum with a focus around the orbital Fireplace.

Our clients complete delight was best expressed when they commented “it’s a home that I could only have ever dreamed of.”