Franco Crea


I want to showcase and invigorate the fading art of joinery in Australia. I want to inspire designers with the idea that joinery can be executed to the same level of high-end furniture — the idea of joinery as an art form, while retaining the contemporary levels of efficiency in manufacturing.

This joinery project is a tangible tool employed to promote a message, a message which celebrates the renewed artistry of joinery, while embracing efficiency of materials and manufacture, and reducing carbon footprint by minimising material wastage.

Sustainability issues are addressed by utilising Corian as the sole construction and structural material for the kitchen island unit. This material choice allows for the optimisation of efficiency of material use; the only other substance required for construction is a bonding agent. No finishes are required.

Other materials used in the kitchen build are American black walnut timber, Calcutta gold marble, lacquered MDF using a water based polyurethane, and solid brass for the handles and shadow line accents.

The public, on masse, aren’t aware of what is now available in terms of joinery. This kitchen project illustrates what is obtainable, all at an accessible price. I aim to show the public that a level of joinery craftsmanship is now within reach of many consumers. High-end designed outcomes are now available to more people.