Franco Crea


The table is ubiquitous in our modern lives: in the form of the kitchen table where family gathers, or the boardroom table where colleagues gather. However, most long, beautiful, statement tables in these spaces are generally custom made. This presented a void in the market for knock-down, premium longer-length tables. I was motivated to explore this void further, and design (with multiple finish and size options) a highly-adaptable table to suit many environments, using premium, unique, high-quality materials.

The Multi project was to address the following:

  • The need for lightweight and strong materials designed to facilitate ease of transport. This was to be achieved by designing for ease of assembly and disassembly, and minimizing packable volume.
  • Create a premium multi-purpose table available in multiple finishes for flexibility of use, which also offered the option of table lengths not previously accessible at this price range (Multi can span up to 3800mm unsupported).
  • Deliver a high-quality product which can be designed and manufactured in South Australia, and promoted and exported confidently to a global market.  I feel this is an important and unique message in Australia’s current design climate.

Utilising a knock-down frame constructed from aluminium results in a light, strong table which can be assembled and disassembled quickly, transported easily and cheaply, has a minimal carbon footprint, and can be used in any outdoor climates.

The solid-surface top gives a visual sense of quality to the piece. The attributes of solid surface separate it from most other materials; it is one of the few contemporary materials that is fully renewable, repairable, seamless and non-porous, and therefore suitable for almost any environment. The variety of material and surface finishes available for Multi’s table top allows for use in a variety of environments: indoor, outdoor, commercial settings, educational institutions, or residential settings.

Multi’s end frames and central rail system are separate pieces, and each piece can be powder coated in different colours, or kept uniform.
I’m excited to offer the innovation and export potential which this agile and flexible product can most certainly deliver.