Flux Visual Communication

Ni Hao Unley event branding

Frank Stillitano & Kimberley Schmidt


The City of Unley (in partnership with the Confucius Institute, University of Adelaide), were organising a new Chinese festival called ‘Ni Hao Unley’. The event was to be a street party in Oxford Terrace, Unley, with a Chinatown atmosphere.

Featuring everything from Lion Dancing, Tai Chi to delicious traditional Chinese food, the festival was to be the first of its kind to be held in Unley. The aim of the event was to celebrate Chinese culture while creating and further strengthening opportunities between South Australian and Chinese businesses and students.

Our challenge with this project was to create a long lasting identity system that will generate event recognition over many years. The City of Unley’s event team asked us to develop an identity system for the ‘Ni Hao Unley’ event in order to assist them with:

1. Introducing Chinese culture to Unley residents 2. Attracting Chinese investment to Unley
3. Celebrating Chinese culture

The target audience segments for this event were:

1. Unley residents
2. Adelaide’s Chinese community
3. International students and their families

Final artwork requirements for the project included a poster, flyer and social media assets. The event name ‘Ni Hao Unley’ needed to be communicated in both English and Mandarin/Cantonese.