Enoki Pty Ltd

Adelaide Residence 4


Located on the city fringe, Adelaide Residence 4 is a State Heritage listed home to a family of five. Extensive renovations have been staged over the last few years, comprising of sixteen living spaces and amenities. Well-travelled, design educated, quality focused and with an eye for detail, the client wanted their newly refurbished residence to embody these elements, along with longevity, originality and functionality.

The extent of renovated rooms thus far includes the entry hall, dining room, sitting room, bar room, billiard room, guest bathroom, kitchen/scullery/dining/lounge zone, powder room, laundry, cellar, dressing room, three bedrooms and three accompanying bathrooms.

The client wanted a clear change of aesthetics from the front of the house to the new living zone at the rear of the house. This space, built within the existing footprint, turns the original layout and functionality on its head. It is minimalistic, luxurious, impeccably detailed, highly functional and responds directly to the client’s brief. In contrast, the front of house rooms, maintain the ideal of luxury within the stately rooms; textures, patterns and materiality layer together to create a rich palette.