Co-Create Solutions

Teppanyaki Collection

Andrew McIntyre, Matthew Warren, Mike Wiese


The popularity of high-end gastronomy, the ‘kitchen experience’, and healthy eating have been experiencing an upwards surge in Australia, and the market demand for beautiful, high quality cookware that can create healthy food has been steadily growing.

Influenced by a meal at a traditional Japanese Teppan Yaki restaurant, the project brief was to design a collection of stainless steel teppanyaki plates that would cater for both the stylistic and culinary demands of customers. All aspects of the collection were to be manufactured locally within Australia. The brand, its identity and all marketing content were also part of the project.

The primary influential factors were that the collection needed to:

  • Emphasize the product as a show-piece within the kitchen, as much as it is a cooking asset
  • Cook amazing food, with no health risks from leeching and highly porous materials
  • Highlight the quality of local Australian manufacturing
  • Be able to be used on any cooktop, to open the possibility for a consumer with a lower budget to enjoy the same quality of experience that is currently only offered by expensive luxury brands.

In summary, the overall goals of the project were to design and manufacture a beautiful, high quality and affordable collection of specialty cookware for home cooks.