Ann Dinh

The Hotel Lobby

BUILT Student Work / Interior Architecture/Design


A hotel lobby that is inspired by an object that has been carefully taken apart. The object is photographed and selected parts (of the object) are used to create sketches that form a space. This conceptual design was formed by the translation of soundwaves to electric signals within an electronic translator. The constant overlaying and rotating of the circuit board formed and created hidden forms. These forms were then uncovered and transformed into design elements.
The surface of the ceiling is a representation of a soundwave. The pattern forms and hangs from the ceiling that undulated as if in motion – creating a theatrical atmosphere. The curtain itself is a motion – created by the end user as they walk through. The red strips of carpet are in a pattern that creates a sense of movement within the space.
The blue translucent curtain immerses one as they enter the lobby. The soft lighting that shines through the curtain softens the harshness of the ceiling. The red strips capture attention as they’re scattered across the floor. The reception is visually hidden behind the perforated panels but the soft voices beckons one over. As one walks through the ramp, the transitional space is a new experience. The curtain moves as you do, shadows deepen and lighten, light reflects and scatter across the floor and you unknowingly become the movement, the act and at the same time, the viewer.