OBJECT Silver | South Australian Museum Donation Box | Jam Factory Metal Design Studio

The Team at Jam Factory Metal Design Studio have re-imagined the way a donation box is presented, making it a fun and interactive experience. Engaging with young and old; offering an educational talking point for families and a memory reminder of the SA Museum.

OBJECT Silver | Olea Compact Lounge Chairs | Workspace Commercial Furniture

The judging panel were thrilled to see a new direction offered by a local company with over 100 year history in South Australia. The beautiful finish and simplicity of design allows for a quality product that can be easily tailored to client specifications. Smart use of material also meant good work practice with minimal wastage.

OBJECT Gold | Arthritis Nurse Call Pendant | UniSA Industrial Design Incubator

The Arthritis Nurse Call Pendant re-thinks the way a call button works in the best possible way. Instead of making the buttons larger or different shape, the unit instead uses an air switch allowing the unit to be activated by squeezing a shaped balloon with your hand, foot, elbow, arm etc. As an assurance the unit glows when activated and can also be tailored in size and shape to suit specific users, without altering the essential working parts of the unit.

The UniSA Industrial Design Incubator has offered up a solution which will revolutionise the way that hospital and emergency call buttons work.

OBJECT Gold | Clean Bean | Fingo

The team behind the Clean Bean product have created a new product within a section of the marketplace which continuing to see massive growth. Clean Bean is a no waste and smart solution that offers the consumer an easy way to clean and maintain their Pod coffee machine. The cleaning tabs easily fit into specially shaped holders allowing for ease of use; with the option for additional pod formats to be added as required. Also, the use of cleaning Pods will ensure longer life of Pod machines. Without knowing the future, this product’s design already allows for future editions without having to start from scratch.


COMUNICATIONS Silver | Amator | Parallax

The judging panel for the Communications Category are pleased to award a “Silver Award” to Parallax, for their adventurous and sensitive branding work undertaken with Wirra Wirra, connecting and communicating the bio-dynamic farming and wine-making practices which are employed through this range of limited-offering wines, sold exclusively through Wirra Wirra’s Bell-Ringers club and cellar door.

Parallax’s branding solution grew from the notion of observation, as “scrutiny” is at the heart of bio-dynamic farming, watching-out for miniscule changes in the vines and then responding naturally to achieve balance.

COMUNICATIONS Silver | Brown Falconer | Parallax

The judging panel for the Communications Category are again pleased to announce a “Silver Award” to Parallax, this time for their comprehensive communications package for the architectural practice Brown Falconer, from brand strategy, corporate identity, unique font and signage, through to website.

Established over 70 years ago, Brown Falconer is one of Adelaide’s oldest architectural practices and to coincide with the purchase of their new building in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD, the directors of Brown Falconer wanted to reposition and re-brand the practice. After a detailed research phase, Parallax helped to redefine Brown Falconer’s brand personality, values and market positioning, with the resulting identity even containing a custom-designed alphabet and logotype, centered on distinctive architectural forms.


BUILT ENVIRONMENT Silver | Abbots + Kinney | Studio Gram

It’s difficult to distinguish a winning formula for cafes employing a simple homogenous and natural palette on a limited budget, but Studio Gram have done this through proficient detailing and a couple of accomplished bold moves both spatially and in surface treatments creating a refined, textured and legible space.

BUILT ENVIRONMENT Silver | Beresford Cellar Door | Enoki Pty Ltd & Alexander Brown Architects

The Beresford tasting room embodies the notion of wine as clean, crisp, robust, full-bodied and distilled. As a stage is to an artist and audience, the generous counter is the centrepiece that dominates its modernist setting and competently concentrates energies and focus to the communal and pleasurable task at hand.

BUILT ENVIRONMENT Silver | Centre for Senior Learning, Pulteney Grammar School | Walter Brooke

The design of this active and interactive centre for senior learning allows light to fill the elegant and innovative spaces and into core areas through its ample use of glazing and light shafts.  The areas are robust through the employment of tough surfaces offset by a fresh palette of cool hues to enhance its unruffled ambience.



BUILT ENVIRONMENT Gold presented by Estilo Commercial | Oggi | Studio Gram

Like good food this project is delectable – it elevates and delights through a refined and refreshing Italianate palette. Like its name Oggi is very new in distinguishing itself from stylised dining paradigms and yet it references architectural tradition, customs and vocabularies by employing elegant vaulted forms in an urbane and cultured setting.

BUILT ENVIRONMENT Gold | Brickworks Design Studio | Walter Brooke

Brickworks design studio intelligently integrates its masonry products into the design fit-out with sophistication and innovation – amalgamating them into imaginative settings within the handsome layout and palette.  The scheme successfully displays and elevates the humble brick into a sexy and highly desirable product.


LAMINEX Award | Clean Bean | Fingo

Words by Tony Gorgone

PRESIDENT’S Award | Arthritis Nurse Call Pendant | UniSA Industrial Design Incubator

Words by Peter Coombs

PREMIER’S Award | Arthritis Nurse Call Pendant | UniSA Industrial Design Incubator

The Arthritis Nurse Call Pendant was a collaboration between the University of South Australia and Hills Limited, focusing on the development a new nurse call assistive device, suitable for the Residential Aged Care market.

Particular emphasis was placed on making the new pendant easier to use for residents who have manual dexterity problems and in particular, arthritis.

Significant user research was undertaken to identify the issues surrounding nurse call devices.

The most obvious feature was that the designers completely eliminated the typical configuration of a rigid plastic case and switch, instead developing an innovative pneumatic bulb which can easily be squeezed to actuate a switch. The pressure and sensitivity can be customised for the end user and the product is illuminated to provide actuation feedback and reassure the user that it is functioning.

The judges agreed that this was an outstanding example of how an organised design process coupled with thorough research and customer insight can lead to an innovative and successful product solution.

To be manufactured in volume in South Australia, we believe this design will set the benchmark for well design aged care products.